Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Yule Sabbath

The Summer (or Winter depending on
where you live) Solstice is coming around
and that also means Christmas is
also here at last.
I don't know about other people,
but to me Christmas as a novelty
has worn off. It just seems like it
has been commercialised to the point where
its real meaning has become obscured.
Now I'm not religious, per se, but
even I am spiritual. Christmas just
doesn't seem like Christmas any more.
One of the reasons of celebrating the
Yule Sabbath is the renewal or death/slumber
of the earth (opposites for the N & S
Hemisphere's). Which I find is much better
then celebrating the birth of a prophet.
And though I don't believe in Christianity,
I recognise that the holiday started out
well meaningly.
So, instead of celebrating x-mas this year
try out something different with the Yule.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Halloween Ahoy

Well its coming around again.
For some it is bliss (USA),
for others a time for the odd
dress up.

But one question on my mind is:
will this affect my marks?
Odd I know, but uni can do that
to a person.
This comes just before three
assignments are due in, and two
exams the next week.

So what should I do? I am
resolutely going to be decadent
and leisurely. Its a pity because
I really wanted to finish the
assignments sooner.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Assignment Blitz

Once again I have left it late
to finish assignments. My
procrastination in the face
of fire is quite extraodinary.

Now I have two assignments
due on Friday, and another on
next Monday. I'm more confident
with the Monday one though.

So now I am faced with a decision,
much like in London. Whether I
should go bravely on, or cower
and flee.

Not good!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Accidental Deletion

Well this is fun. I was trying to put a new mod
on Oblivion for PC, when I accidently erased
all the textures and another key folder.
Its lucky that when I tried to play Oblivion,
it didn't just crash straight up. It did however,
take a very long time to load up.
It could have been worse.

This is a key mistake that I have, hopefully,
learnt from (ie. Back Ups are leet, and be
mindful of what I'm doing)

Friday, 24 August 2007


One of the most engaging games I have
played, but it can be quiet monotonous.
That's why I enjoy the several mods
available, especially the gungame mod.

Of course its not for the faint of heart,
or the newb, as you're likely to get no
frags in this hyper-competition format.

My favourite map while playing this mod
is dust and playground_x_s (I don't know
where you get that map though).
Because I like to win, or at least get to
level 18 when playing. Still, its great

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Nation States

Well this is one website that is very
strange. It originated from a book and
has turned into an on-line game.

Last semester as a project for ITB750,
everyone (basically) made a state.
Now our region has only 17 states left.

I'm thinking of moving to another region.

To get to NationStates
type in (no www at the
and create a state today.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

New Semester take 2

Well I don't know about you but I'm pissed off.
The computer did a spak attack and I have to
rewrite this entry. Oh well.

A recap -
Last semesters results
ITB750 - 7 (yay)
ITB001 - 4 (oh well, passed)
ITB002 - 6 (yay, better than I thought)
DEB101 - 5 (oh well, better than a pass)

And now to this semester

Updates -
Steam basicly works only in S601 because
ITB750 is not on this semester.
Need to have SteamBuster though
Also S601 can access Olympus and other
ftp sites that were previously only accessed
in the Green Room.

Panicing slightly with this semesters workload
(5 assignments due in one week), but overall
quite happy.
I'm using Maya (pronounced My-ya), After Effects 6.5
and Photoshop CS.

Saturday, 19 May 2007


I live in a region that is a harsh
environment for broadband
It's really annoying when your
downloading something or most
importantly playing an MMORPG
or another game.
Plus most downloads don't start
off where they were before
ominously disconecting, they start
right back at the beginning.
Stupid broadband providers!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Plato's Timaeus & Critias

I haven't actually finished reading it
all yet (still reading Timaeus part).
It does however show what the
ancients thought about the world,
anatomy, atoms (four elements)
and the "soul".
It's good for a laugh if your
inclined to such things (anatomy, atoms)
but I need to finish it to place an
overall rating.
At the moment I give it 3/5 for
being unintentionally funny.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Hackety Hack

New software based on the Ruby language.
Aimed at 13+, it tries to make learning
computer language fun.
It's really good too. You can do all kinds
of things with it, and it comes with 7
tutorial lessons.
There is also a lot of help files.
This program is great for anybody
introducing programming in school.


It's been ages since I've seen anything
at the cinemas. It's rather depressing
really. And the new Pirates movie is
coming out next week.
The good news is that I have lots
of DVDs (not the same thing though).

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Argh! Assignments

There are two many things I have
to do at the same time. It's too
[shake fists]
Plus the extra stuff a student
has to do. Work, spare time,
playing games, meeting with
friends, and meeting with team
members for stupid units.
It's never ending!!!!

Friday, 20 April 2007



I have finally finished the design
block week. Our first assignment
got a 6+ (7 is the highest), and
I'm pretty sure our second
assignment got a high mark too.
We did a 50s style government
propaganda educational presentation
(Billy the kid).
Now I have only one more assignment
and a lecture, and I've finished my
design unit.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Block Week


This whole week has been exhausting.
At the moment, for my design unit, we
have to come in early (9am) till 8 at
We are in groups and have to do two
assignments (one on Tuesday and another
on Thursday).
At the end of this week we have to
finish a Design Journal. So really we
have to do three assignments in one
I can't even sleep in. :(
I am soo totally over this!

Block Week

This whole week has been exhausting.
At the moment, for my design unit, we
have to come in early (9am) till 8 at
We are in groups and have to do two
assignments (one on Tuesday and another
on Thursday).
At the end of this week we have to
finish a Design Journal. So really we
have to do three assignments in one
I can't even sleep in. :(
I am soo totally over this!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007



An approaching assignment is giving
me grief, hence the panic. On top
of that Easter is coming up, and you
know that won't help at all.
Curse my infernal mind and its
affinity with books and video games!!
There is however a lesson to be learned,
which is better time and resource
Harshly learned, and learned too late.

Friday, 30 March 2007


Assignments (the bane of my existance)

University is chock full of assignments.
Some of which don't make sense.
I have a coding assignment that uses
DrScheme. If anybody has used it before
you know that its frustrating to use.
I prefer C++, but you can't have everything.
I also have a unit dedicated to team work
basicly. I have an assignment for that as
Overall I think I have six or seven assignments
at the moment, which really cramps my
leisure time (either reading or gaming).
Back to work I guess. : (

My First Blog

My First Blog

Hi to anyone reading this. :)
As this is my first blog I might
incur the wrath of experience
Sorry in advance

I don't know what to write yet
so don't hold your breath for
anything good. Hopefully this
will become easier.

Anyway, hello to any friends that
are reading this. Good job!