Wednesday, 18 August 2010


It has been such a long time since last I wrote. However, now I have much more stuff to write about.

Lamenting that I didn't see Avenue Q with my glasses, I went and got myself a passport and had a lovely, if short, holiday across-the-way, in New Zealand. Short, in that I arrived at 1am on a Sunday and left the next day at 7am. It was my first time visiting another country, and it was a positive experience, so during the Christmas holidays I will most likely go again, hopefully for longer than the 36 hours or so I stayed before. And the good thing about living in the Southern Hemisphere is that it will be Summertime, so I won't suffer under the harsh cold.

Recently I discovered that a friend of mine had also been to New Zealand, except a different part. And he stayed longer than me (ten days), but I don't envy him that much because he went to Queenstown to snow board. It would be a nice thing to experience once, 'cause of the snow, but the novelty would surely dissipate in the first couple of hours. I'm more of a sun and warmth person, so Queensland is just fine for me.

I have also gone to a new bar this year, the first time with a friend, because Fortitude Valley is not for one, and the second time with a whole group. Unfortunately one couldn't make it because of her sisters birthday.
Happy 18th Birthday!!!
So next time for her.

The bar is called The Mana Bar. It is a very unusual bar, because unlike most it has video games to congregate around. Some that are old, some that have just been released, and once in a while one that hasn't even come out yet! The drinks are also different, though I don't partake of the alcoholic beverages, they have all kinds of names from the game genre. Some that even the game illiterate should know of, like Princess Peach (from Mario Bros.), Health Potion (from any game really) and Finish Him (from any fighting game).