Friday, 30 March 2007


Assignments (the bane of my existance)

University is chock full of assignments.
Some of which don't make sense.
I have a coding assignment that uses
DrScheme. If anybody has used it before
you know that its frustrating to use.
I prefer C++, but you can't have everything.
I also have a unit dedicated to team work
basicly. I have an assignment for that as
Overall I think I have six or seven assignments
at the moment, which really cramps my
leisure time (either reading or gaming).
Back to work I guess. : (

My First Blog

My First Blog

Hi to anyone reading this. :)
As this is my first blog I might
incur the wrath of experience
Sorry in advance

I don't know what to write yet
so don't hold your breath for
anything good. Hopefully this
will become easier.

Anyway, hello to any friends that
are reading this. Good job!