Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Exhasting Month

Well a month has past since I last posted, mostly because of uni but also because of work. Nothing much to report except that I'M MASSIVELY STRESSED!!

I have soo much to do. Basically I have to learn to use Source SDK, importing to said program and create a level as well as textures and various other related game creation thingies.

And I've only got two weeks basically to make it work :(
It wouldn't be so bad if I had more time, but the scope of the project!

Though for one of my projects I'm creating a level from Stargate SG-1. Which is much more fun, and I have more time. It is only three rooms and some corridors. The most difficult thing will be the Kwoosh effect and the event horizon.

Still it is something I can put on my resúme.