Monday, 1 November 2010

Bioshock Day 1

This is my written journal, word for word. Also anything in italics is an explanation if I think something needs more.

I am setting a limit to how long I will play. An hour seems sufficient, but I am unsure. I will use the kitchen timer.
I checked the options and I can't change the difficulty for some reason. It is on medium. I don't know how I will go. I found out why. I clicked on the New Game and it asked me to choose Easy, Medium or Hard.

Cut Scene

I got to control my player when he surfaced. It was very nice cinematics.

Inside the submersible

I can't move, during the descent, only look. The music is awesome, as is the underwater city. Though it could be better now. It was released in 2007. I saw a whale and a worker of some sort. And ads like the 60s and the lights of Vegas/New York.

I was met by someone but he was viciously murdered by some god-awful creature, which then attacked my vessel. It went away, I was directed by Atlas, someone on the radio, to seek higher ground. I don't know what for, since I'm under water. I shall be very careful, since I don't know what else may be lurking in the darkness of this underwater marvel. I encountered a Vita Chamber. Apparently it revives you if you've been injured or killed.

I don't want to experience that at all!

It looks like I'm in a station. Like the Grand Central Station in New York City. However, everything is in a disarray, and all the flights or trains have been cancelled. I wonder what happened. I don't feel very safe. I can still hear the creature, murmuring in the shadows. I don't have anything to defend myself with. It has hooks for hands, while I merely have hands. Here is a picture, as far as i can make out.

Picture of curved hooks
Description next to the picture. It was dark, but they glowed, like red hot embers.

I saw the 'Splicer', as Atlas calls it, the fiendish thing went for me. But Atlas had a contraption that chased it away. It was in the station area and I soon found a weapon of sorts. A wrench from a construction site. Abandoned for some reason. I still don't like my chances. The Splicer eviscerated the poor fellow from before.

Nearby there was debris blocking my way. I smashed it and on the other side a stair case with a burning table was pushed down. I heard noises of a battle. It was some kind of Splicer. Not the one from before. Less dangerous, but still formidable. A quick bashing soon sorted it out. I was slightly hurt and a bit shaken. I then heard a child, but am not sure from whence the voice came. I searched its body. It had some sort of first aid, and an 'EVE', whatever that is.

Nearby there is a door, which I daren't open for fear of flooding the chambers I am in. There are windows beside it and I can see the great expanse of ocean. I'm not sure how much has collapsed or been broken. I don't want to find out.

I saw an ad for 'Plasmids'. I'm not sure what they are either. I heard the child again. It seems it is an ad like on the radio.

I just woke up from an injection of Plasmids. Very painful. It seems it changes my genetic code some how, as Mister Atlas puts it. While I was semi-conscious I was visited by two more of the Splicers, who soon fled because of a 'Daddy'. I wasn't sure I heard right. I blacked out again, but then saw what must of been the Daddy. I cannot fathom what it is, but it was accompanied by a girl child, which I did not like the look or sound of. They went away though. Thank God! When I was fully recovered, or as much as I could, I discovered I could shoot electricity from my hands. A useful thing in a dangerous city like this.
Against my better judgement I used my new found power on the door I had passed. The controls where sparking before I got very close.

Holy Crap!

As soon as I got through the door the plane wreckage smashed into the glass!!! walk way. I had to rush to the next door to avoid drowning. I was right to be cautious.
Another one of the creatures. Atlas advises to zap then punch. I hope I can do it without dying!
I did it! But it tired me out greatly. I found a blue liquid which I hope will revive me somewhat.
Several more attacked me, one was on fire. I heard shouting before him. Looks like he came from a lift, which is now on fire, no doubt because of an engineering error. I still hear the unseen man. Atlas pleaded with me to help him escape this hell hole with his family. I can't say I blame him.

I went on the elevator and it took me past the Splicer I had heard, but then I heard a woman I think. I have to take care not to assume. It was a woman. A crazed one at that. It was then, that Atlas told me of the Plasmids' affects on the population and the descent of the cities denizen into madness and chaos.
I went forwards to a bar like room. Music was playing, but I heard a couple arguing. Not to be too heartless, I used the gun I found to put the bloke out of his misery. I came to a rest room. The mens, I think, has a hole in the wall. The other had a ghost like apparition of a women. I found some liquor in a toilet stall and some more first aid stuff. A Splicer surprised me. He was in a stall that I didn't look in. Now I have no more ammo for the gun. I found an account of a man. I can't remember what he said though.

This is where I finished the hour of play. There is quiet a few errors in grammar and spelling in my account, as well as in my written journal (much more in fact in the journal).

Bathroom Pondering

I was just having my shower, when it occurred to me that Christmas is fast approaching. Only 55 days to go! I was thinking of the gifts I would have to get for all my family and friends, some of which aren't in the same state as me anymore. Some are difficult to buy for, while others are really easy.
My brother, for instance, doesn't care much what I get him. I asked him what he would like, a game? some hardware? or money? He doesn't know what he wants. I will probably end up getting him a gift card to Sanity (other audio/visual shops are available) or the local hardware store. Or a book about cars.
My mind wandered to the people around me, and then I remembered the nice Samaritan that helped me get home several months back. One of her sons was interested in a train game, so that is one gift I can give.

I will document from beginning to end how I create the models, textures, gameworld and programming. The first three are easy, the hardest is getting it all together and programming it with no errors. I will use Unity for that because I have had the most positive experience with it as a game engine. It will still be very hard, but worthwhile as a learning exercise.

More to come!