Monday, 28 February 2011


I have decided that during the month of March I will draw or create some art once a day. Might be able to see some improvement as I get into my stride ^_^

Hopefully I'll be able to sustain it.

Oh yeah, each day I have to do something different. It can't all be just people or sci-fi etc

Should be fun and challenging.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Year

I haven't really blogged all that much, because I have slowly become addicted to EVE Online again. The worse thing though is that at the end of the year a new game is being released that I will HAVE to get. I have no say in the matter. None at all.

That game is Skyrim, and from what I have seen in the trailers, it's quiet shiny (except for the water, but hopefully that'll get fixed).

My other addiction is Minecraft. And I am always frustrated when it crashes and I haven't saved it; inevitably I get suffocated. It's no fun at all when that happens. When it does I just change worlds for a while to forget the painful experience. Until it happens again :(
The recent update kinda made me freak out. The shadows are just ... egh. I hope I get use to them but I don't know.

So now I'm going to try to control these addictions, by doing some work and then rewarding myself with an hour of a game.

This may take some time.