Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Also I forgot I'm starting to do a comic about a little demon from Hell.

He is called Jr.

I will post a picture of him as soon as I've finished spiffing him up on Photoshop.

However, direct your attention to some new websites.

Have fun kids

Long Time No Blog

Well I came on a couple of days ago and it appears that my last post was in April.
So this is my long overdue post about what has been happening.

Semester 1
Assignment: Make a Game Prototype [tick]

Holidays: Fun in Melbourne [tick]
: See Wicked [tick]
: Shop [tick, though I came back home with money. I mean come on! I should be broke or something. I think I just wasn't trying hard enough]

and other stuff

Semester 2
Assignment1: Finish making the Game [on going]

Assignment2: Animate part of the Battle of Wits scene from Princess Bride [on going *sigh*]

Assignment3: Create a virtual environment [on going, I'm starting to see a pattern emerge]

Oh yeah there was a few gymnastic competitions. One in June and one that just happened. I judged and coached in them. Plus there was one in the Gold Coast which I judged at, didn't get much money for it though *sad face*.

And I got a new watch (has a Dalek on it) and River Song's Sonic Screwdriver. It's soo cool it has a blue and red setting.

Well that's about it, actually there is other stuff, but I can't be expected to remember everything ... about ... my life ...