Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Bright New Day

So far uni has been fun.
Animation classes, although
next week I have a test
(already *meh*), and Fundamental
of Gaming(heaps of fun), and
something about writing, but
we haven't done any yet (just
learned about visual stuff).
Still its lots of fun!
Of course, now that its been
a couple of weeks, I have a
lot of assignments.
Yay *unenthusiastic*

Thursday, 7 February 2008

A New Semester

The second year of my course
is upon me, and I relish the
chance to do new things.
As it is I will have to be
careful because I have gotten
a job. This means I will have
to divide my time, but also
learn to use it properly.

This semester I am doing
KVB105, KIB201, KIB108 and
ITB016. Mostly I'm in KG,
but for one lecture and tutorial
I'm in GP.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The New Year

Well the Silly Season is nearly
at an end, with the school year
starting in a few weeks.
There are several things that have
changes such as I got a job.
Yay for me.
And a new phone. The Skype phone.
Also yay.
Nearly everyone in my household
has wireless broadband. Another
On the downside, my laptop (with
*^$% Vista) has had some sort of
malfunction. I suspect some sort
of coding error.
When I want a @ I get a ". It's very
annoying. Still it could be worse,
but its very inconvenient when you've
learnt to touch type with the normal