Sunday, 31 October 2010

Great Escape

Well last night was the first of a monthful, where my parents are no longer in the country. It felt like any other day, except now I have to clean, cook and take out the garbage.
I'm not sure how they are doing. I've only gotten two text messages. One from mum about landing in LA, the other from my father about my work. Since I don't want to get in debt from replying, I emailed back (my mum has a blackberry). Hopefully they are having a blast.

Today I have an assignment due, which I confess I have done absolutely nothing on. Except for a few things. So I have to beaver done and get working. It will be hard because I got a new game yesterday (Bioshock) and am chronicling my adventure as I go along. I did it with TES: Oblivion, which had a lot of pages of my experiences, though I'm not sure where I put the massive amount of pages. I'm post my adventure of Bioshock later.