Wednesday, 22 December 2010


It's been a good couple of weeks and I've gotten some presents, seen a movie and treated myself to some very good things. So I thought I'd share.

First though.
Lunar Eclipse last night (on the Midsummer Solstice too). Yay!
But it was more like $%^*&%@#$ CLOUDS!!!!!

The movie I saw on the weekend was Tron and it was with some friends from uni. I quiet enjoyed it and it was easy to follow even though I had never seen the "first" one. Nice effects, interesting costumes (wouldn't wear it though), story was ... good. All in all I would recommend it.

Treats I
I went to the Pancake Manor before going to Tron. It was wonderful. Nice servers who were polite and prompt, even though it was busy (gave a nice tip 'cause I was so impressed). The food and drink was delicious. I got a Hot Cocoa with marshmallows and a Regular Stack (three pancakes) with cream and ice-cream. So delicious but I couldn't eat it all, which was a shame. Next time I treat my self I'm getting a Short Stack.

Treats II
On Monday I purchased Minecraft Alpha just before it became Beta. It was interesting and worked quiet well despite being just an alpha. I had a go on a few servers, some of which now do not function because of the change to beta. The game reminds me of Dwarf Fortress, except it is a first person game. I would recommend it to everyone, though if you don't want to pay Є14.99 and then an extra Є20 for the completed game try the free Classic Minecraft.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Bioshock Day 2

I recorded this on the 31/10/10 but have been too busy to put it up straight away

Last time I limited myself to one hour, and will do so again. This is so I can get it out of my system and move on to my animation assignments.

I met the woman I had heard earlier. She had a projectile weapon os some sort, which disorientated me. I shocked her several times before I remembered my wrench. I also drank a few bottles of whiskey and vodka I found lying around to calm my nerves.
I found some cash and another recording near where the toilets are. Down the stairs near the couple. It was from a women at New Years Eve, and it seemed that a battle or something broke out.
Found a couple of packets of cigarettes which kinda hurt to smoke.
I went in the kitchen and found a few dollars and ammo. When I came out there was two splicers in the water (a bit of flooding I think), Atlas told me to electrocute them. So I aimed at the water, cause of all the conductivity.
Met another one of them up the stairs, where I'd been before. I don't know how they get in. Probably from that hole in the wall I saw before.
I went through the hold and Atlas told me to lower my weapon. I didn't know why till I saw a little girl with a massive syringe stickin' it to a dead fellow. Don't know what she was doing though. As I was walking across some rigging above the girl, Atlas informed me she is a Little Sister. Created for the genetics, and that she was no longer an innocent child. I heard here singing, and he said the name of this place. Rapture. It just doesn't seem right.
There is a stair case, but I find myself not wanting to go down. As I descended, a splicer attacked the Little Sister. She shrieked and that mechanical monster I saw before destroyed it. Atlas told me that it was the Big Daddy, and that it looks after the Little Sister as she goes about her business of extracting the Adam. Which I assume is what they call genetic material. I do not want to be on the bad side of those freaks!
I was attacked by another one of those splicers, just after the room with the Little Sister. She had a gun, but was easy to dispatch. I passed another one of those Vita Chambers, and heard a voice. Probably another splicer. I got him further along, and through the window I observed two more of them down stairs. It looks like they were looking for something, nothing good I figure. It was near something that looked like a Big Daddy, but it wasn't moving. Could it be a downed one?
There was more flooding where they were so I shocked them. When I came down, it was indeed a corpse of a Big Daddy. Frightening that something so powerful could be killed.
I found some bandages in another toilet block, near a gate labeled medical. I couldn't get there due to the closed gate. Opposite was an opened door called Neptune's Bounty.
When I went to go through the gate, an alarm of some sort went off. Three splicers came, but I got them as they went in the water. There was a machine of some sort that spit fire on the other side of the now closed gate. Atlas tells me to go through Medical instead.
It is now open.
When I got to a Room with many monitors, the lights went out, and the door closed behind me. Atlas is trying to find or override the system to get a way out. Before too long a giant monitor came to life, and a Ryan, started raving about the CIA and KGB. I'm not sure if he's sane or not, but I can hear voices not too far away, so I don't really care all too much.
I was right, three splicers came and started bashing on the glass windows. Atlas got the door to open and I quickly passed through and opened the next door.
It took a while for the door to open fully. It looks like an airlock and the water could flow in from the side. But it was fine. On the other side there was another Vita Chamber and some more ads. Atlas told me the Ryan guy was the founder of Rapture. Seems a bit Return to Sender, if you know what I mean.
I hear a maniacal laughter beyond. I don't know what I'll find.
I found a bot of some sort, and am attempting to hack it now. I go it to work and now it is flying about. I hear a voice on the other side of the door. I am about to investigate.

A splicer nurse and doctor awaited me. They had weapons too, but I got them. I inadvertently tripped another alarm as I tried to gain emergency access to Neptune's Bounty. I went into the next room and found a semi-automatic weapon, but also saw some more splicers coming to get me through the window. I got them. But Atlas says I have to find a Doctor of some sort. He doesn't know how human he will be after so long.